Automatically create and fill a note with content?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have searched around quite a bit for an answer to this but with no luck.

I am wanting to figure out a way to automatically create and fill a note with content. ie. a folder that has a video and a markdown file or even an SRT file (subtitles). I would like both the video and the markdown or SRT to be put into a note, so that there is a video at the top and a transcript of the video below, both in the same note.

Just in case I am not thinking of the best solution, allow me to explain exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

I would like to download full YouTube channels with video + a transcript of the video. I currently use JDownloader to download full YouTube channels. I currently have it set to download the MP4 and the SRT. But currently the way it downloads, it puts the video in a format like this:

FolderYouTube video Title > MP4 + SRT

But of course the SRT does not show up in obsidian. I primarily want to be able to have the transcript of the video, with the video, in the same note. So that I can have a full YouTube channel in obsidian and search for very specific keywords or phrases, in which they will use the transcript to find - Also I just like being able to have the transcript along side the video for learning purposes.

What would be the best way to accomplish this - if not some sort of automatic note creation + fill it with the video + SRT within a folder?

Any suggestions are much appreciated! Mind you, I can think of ways to do this, but not in ways that are sustainable, meaning, I know I can manually create a note, link a video and paste in the transcript. But since I want to download full channels which could be 500+ videos, doing it manually just isn’t an option for me. Any ideas?

What platform?

Platform for what?

I’m sure you could create a Templater template or dataview script to pull in the video link and text into a new note, but how would Obsidian know which video and md file to associate?

Which operating system are you wanting to do this on? macOS, Windows, Linux, etc

Ah I see! I using macOS.

My best guess is somehow defining it to take files with the same name and putting them into a note with the same name. But I am unfamiliar with writing any sort of automation scripts.

The way jDownloader downloads it puts it into a folder with the video name, and then within that folder is the video and md… All named the same thing…

So ideally, I could use some sort of automation that would go by folder. Taking each folder, created a new note (with the same name), and placing the video and md file into that new note. Something like that. I have no idea if its possible.

This AppleScript demonstrates how you can create new notes in Obsidian with specified title and content.

I will definitely look into this! This sounds promising! Thank you.

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