Automatically change specific words color and font

Help pls, couldn’t find info, how can i create css snippet which will automatically change specific words color and font, for example make automatically words (first, second, third) blue color with font Arial Black.

p.s. i found only with tags, but couldnt understand how can use same with simple words

I only know of Keyword Highlighter plugin that automatically changes color of keywords you define. Automatically changing fonts, though, I don’t think there’s something for that.

thanks but i need to know how make css snippets for make and add manually all what i need, anyone knows which template can i use?

for example i saw that for tags css can be:

.cm-s-obsidian {

but for simple words dont understand

I don’t think this is possible with css only. However, you could use the Dynamic Highlights plugin for this, I haven"t tried it yet though. Plugins - Obsidian

I’m sorry but CSS doesn’t have any selectors that target specific words or specific content, so it’s just not possible with CSS alone. You have to use JavaScript, hence why a plugin is the only way.

Thanks Woofy.

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