Automatically beautify zettelkasten tags

It would be cool if Obsidian could automatically make tags into the [[UID File Name|File Name]] format.

In other words, if the note is prefixed with a zettelkasten style prefix in the dropdown note selector that comes up when selecting tags, a tag with that format would be inserted.


This is something that I’d really like, or if anything simply hide the ID while you’re not focusing it.

It would be nice if it would work with normal markdown links

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Have you tried the Zettelkasten link beautifier in the markdown import plugin?

Does that work with markdown links? @argentum

I don’t use markdown links nor the zettel plugin, so I haven’t tried. The question is in general for @sol and @Adit too, as I’m tempted to say that this is solved and to move it to the graveyard.

Moving this to the #feature-request-archive, please let me know if something is missing

I’d argue this isn’t solve, as it doesn’t support all link types, namely the default markdown link type []()

Please open a detailed #feature-requests for this using the template! It will be hard to keep track of this in the archive.

Scratch that, please add a comment here: New option for Markdown Importer / Zettelkasten link beautifier