Automatically archive linked pdfs

When writing notes on a subject, one often references pdfs from the internet.

However we all know that things on the internet could disappear at any time.

It would be nice to have a plugin/button that automatically

  • downloads linked pdfs to create a local copy
  • replace or modify the original url link to give a link to the local copy

I think many of us use some kind of reference manager for this sort of thing. (I use Bibdesk, which automatically files pdfs according to a user-defined set of criteria. And then I link the pdf in Obsidian.)
There is a markdown web clipper (you can search the forum for it) that downloads things from the web in markdown – but it’s not for pdfs AFAIK.

Hmm, I do use Bibdesk as well, but for quick notes the process of downloading a pdf, linking it, etc always seemed to be too much.
However your post inspired me to look into automation options, thanks!

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