Automatically append text to the daily note date

Things I have tried

searching web and forum, trying to add text to plugin settings.

What I’m trying to do

Is there a way to automatically add text to the created daily note title? I can get it to have the date I want. e.g. 2023-01-06, but I’d like it to say 2023-01-06 - Daily Note.

It’s not a big deal if not as I can type it in each time, but if it can be automated, that’s one less thing to do.

Are you looking for the Note Name to be changed, or the text at the top of the note?

If its the text, you can do that by creating and referencing a template file (“Template” is another core plugin, and “Daily Notes” references using one)

For example, to achieve your string, you would have the first line in the template be something like

# {{date}} - Daily Note

And then each file created via the Daily Note would have that as the h1 content at the top.

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hey and thanks. No, I want to change the file name. I dont like it that all my daily notes are just dates in general, but also when they show up in the graph there is no information like note type or if I add a bit of extra info to remind me of something.

You don’t mention if you are using the Templater community plugin to create your Daily Note. If so, you could do something like (this is off the top of my head…not tested!):

let name = await tp.system.prompt("Title")
let title ="YYYY-MM-DD") + " - " + name
await tp.file.move(title)
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Yes. In Settings > Daily Note > Date format, add the date format you’re using (if it’s not filled in yet) and the text.


Hey there… I did try that before posting, but I get all this garbled info in the preview, so I thought it’s not possible.

thanks so much… I’ll give it a whirl or maybe I just type it in the end… I never got into tempater (just the core plugin) because it seems very complicated for a non-coder… I feel I need a full course on templater and dataview and so many other things. :slight_smile: Maybe someone should offer an online course for non-techies. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s interpreting the letters in your text as format codes — you might need to put it in brackets or something. Try clicking the “format reference” link next to the field for info.

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I got curious and checked — in the format reference, past the second chart, under “Escaping characters”: “To escape characters in format strings, you can wrap the characters in square brackets.” (“Escape” means to mark it as not code.)

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Something like YYYY-MM-DD[ - Daily note] should work, like it says in the format reference, 4th line from the top in the examples.

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Wow, don’t know what I’d do w/o all you guys… There’s just such a steep learning curve, it could feasibly take a year to learn everything; but in the meantime, work beckons and so you guys have really helped me get to the point. cheers.

just posted at the same time as you, I was able to get it, but thanks as usual for the endless amounts of help!

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