Automatically add tags to notes matching outgoing links

Things I have tried

I searched around for information about what I’m trying to do here but didn’t find any results related to it or helpful.

What I’m trying to do

I don’t know if this is a silly way to use Obsidian or not, maybe there’s a better way of doing what I’d like to accomplish here.

Obsidian treats outgoing links and tags differently and I find it useful to also have tags for all links in a note. Essentially, I want to automatically generate tags on all existing notes for the note title and all outgoing links. What you see in the image below. Is this possible with Obsidian?


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I don’t know of a way to do it. It should be possible to write a plugin. If you’re on Mac/iOS you could probably use Shortcuts and the Shortcut Launcher plugin, but it would take some planning and you’d have to trigger it manually.

It’s redundant, but sometimes you need to do things like that to feel out which way you want to go, or just for reassurance. I did the same for some tags/notes when I didn’t know which I wanted them to be. And most of my tag usage is essentially for reassurance; I rarely use them.


@Yob Totally understandable!

You may even consider making a Feature Request or Plugin Idea for a setting toggle making the Tag Pane interpret all links as tags. This way you wouldn’t have to dilute the meaning of tags in your vault since the tags wouldn’t actually have to be added to the notes.

I would surely spend a lot of time with this feature if it existed. Even just thinking about it, I kind of imagine that Dataview could be packed into a pane (or Tab group) and visualize all sorts of data like this without writing queries.


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