Automatically add linked mentions to the mentioned note

i keep a TODO note and it’s nice to see all the things i need to do through backlinks and the graph view, though i was wondering if it’d be possible to add a linked mention automatically to the TODO note.

for example, if i were to type in my daily note “[[TODO]] complete this week’s math assignment” i’d like for that sentence to appear in the TODO note that i keep in the sidebar (ideally with a checkbox! [ ]).

hope that makes sense - i haven’t seen anything on the forums about this kind of thing and i’m relatively new to obsidian, so if there’s already a way of accomplishing this then i’d love to hear about it!



It isn’t currently possible within Obsidian, though you may be able to make some automations that help compile these things for you. E.g., a script that compiles all such [[TODO]] lines in your file every 15 minutes or something.

There has been talk of transcludable searches, which would resolve this issue, I think. E.g., a search query returns all lines that have [[TODO]], and you just display the results of that search in the note.

Otherwise the idea you’ve described sounds like it would make for a good plugin!


Check this:


this sounds crazy useful - i started back at school this week and already there’s been a good few instances where i’ve written something in a daily note only to copy/paste it into a permanent note after class.

i’m glad you think so! is it currently possible for us to create our own plugins at the moment? i’d like to give it a bash.

@pka thank you! i’m fairly new to software development - ruby is on my list of things to play with so this gives me a great excuse.

This is exactly what I’ve been doing in a BASH-script.

One GREP-command fixes the job of finding all the files with a given (Regular) Expression, which I put in a processing file (for safety reasons only and tracability).
The SED-command fixes the job of putting the expression between [[]] for all the files in the processing file.
Then I transform the processing files into a MOC with links to the processed files.
Would be a nice feature within Obsidian only thing for me is speed.
This scripts takes me max. 10 seconds to process 180K files all-in.
Don’t know if that is do-able in Obsidian


i was just reading your post when i got your reply! it sounds like that script mightcome in handy when it’s time for me to start generating MOCs.

currently working on a little python script to perform a similar task: find all instances of [search term] and format the following string using regex:

[ ] - grab n characters appearing after the specified ter… [[source note name]] line #

and append that to the next line of

from there i’m thinking about having AHK to take care of the interval scheduling.

Not yet! :soon::tm:

I believe the current plan is to get graph filtering tools and Publish out the door, then launch the API. Roughly. But I only deal in rumours and speculation.

any news on this topic, besides writing my own script?