Automatically add link on metadata change?

What I’m trying to do

I was wondering if there was a way to do this bit of logic. When I add or change a date in a specific metadata field in note_1, Is there a way to automatically add a link to note_1 in that date’s daily note?

Things I have tried

I have tried some macros with various plugins like quick add but they all require some kind of user input.

Some example code is needed to fully understand your request. If your metadata field is in the frontmatter, and looks like this:

metadataField: "[[2023-11-07]]"

Then it would show up in inlinks of the daily note named “2023-11-07”, and if you change that date to something else, it’ll be moved over to that other note. If you name your daily notes in another way, or use various other date formats the story would change. A lot.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear.
If I have note_1 with the metadata field date_1 and I change that note_1 to

date_1: 2023-06-30

Is there a way to have Obsidan automatically add a link in the daily note with that date back to note_1?

If you write that as date_1: "[[2023-06-30]]", and that is the name of your daily note, then the link is already the in the backlink pane for note_1. Whenever you change that date, it’ll update the backlinks accordingly.

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