Automatic Unit Conversion Plugin?

I’m looking for a plugin which doesn’t seem to exist.


As an American who despises the imperial system, I live my life in my own little metric bubble. I have metric tape measures, my scales are set to grams (kitchen scale) or kg (body scale), my phone navigates in km. et cetera, et cetera.

Any time my happy little consistent bubble bumps into someone else it turns into a wash of confusion. I tell them the temperature and they freak out that it’s sub-zero outside, or whatnot. Then comes the converting in my head on the fly, the inevitable look of confusion of their face, etc.

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Whenever I write a measurement (such as “3 meters” or “10 kg”), I want the plugin to automatically add a footnote with a unit-conversion from metric to imperial, and vice versa:

3 m ≈ 10 ft.
10 kg ≈ 22 lb.

It should recognize both the shorthand and full-words for units: “m” and “meters” are meters, “yards” and “yd” are yards, etc.

Ideally the plugin would have options for:

  1. Auto-convert from metric to imperial?
  2. Auto-convert from imperial to metric?
  3. Round to the nearest X decimal places.
  4. Convert only abbreviations (ft, yd, km, etc).
  5. Ignore list. (There are way too many instances where this could get confusing in some contexts, so this text box would let you enter units to not auto-convert; things like “yard,” “feet,” etc.