Automatic template when create a new note ? (templater)

Is possible to add some template from templater plugin automatic in a new note with (ctrl+n)

Yes, but you need to redefine what Ctrl N does, to trigger the Templater version of create new note. So there is a little bit of setup, but it is very doable.

Steps to follow (hoping I don’t miss any :slight_smile: ):

  • Enable Settings > Templater > Trigger Templater on new file creation
  • Enable Settings > Templater > Enable Folder Templates
  • Add at least one folder under Settings > Templater > Add New
    • If you only want one template for all of your vault, add the folder /, and choose the template you want for that folder.
    • The above can always stay as a global template, if none of the others match, but you can also add other folders to have dedicated templates for these folder. Like for your daily notes, or references, or so on
  • Redefine the Ctrl N:
    • Go to Settings > Hotkeys and search for “new note”
    • Behind the “Create new note”, hit the X icon after the key
    • And then hit + icon after “Templater: Create new note from template”, and press Ctrl N

I think that should do it, and you’ll get Templater to run whenever you hit Ctrl N, or trigger creation of a new note through the Daily note plugin, clicking on links with no file, and so on.

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thanks bro, it solved

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