Automatic tag in new note

Things I have tried

i am not sure how to go about it

What I’m trying to do

i am trying to create a note with automatically making all the tags from current note.


#tag1 #tag2 #tag3

# heading 1

this is my [[2nd note]] 

when i click on 2nd note which is not yet created , it should create with all the tags from above note.

any possible solution…

A little more beautiful solution is

ctrl + click → create note without tags
ctrl+alt+ click create note with all the tags and frontmatters

Well, you have 3 options, I believe.

  1. You can use template default plugin (Settings->Core Plugins->Templates). It would require you to pre-create note templates and past them into new note.
  2. Just copy-paste current note’s file and then rename or copy-paste current note’s text into new one.
  3. Create plugin for yourself.

AFAIK there is no other good solutions.

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