Automatic space inserted after selecting tag

Space auto-added when completing a tag is annoying.

Although this has been raised before and the response was that “social media platforms behave this way”, most markdown editors I’ve used do not. Bear does not do this nor does The Archive neither iA Writer. Social media platforms don’t care about spaces, markdown editor users do.

I am confident that I am in control of my thumb and can enter a space when needed. This is far easier than being annoyed when enter didn’t line break, reach for the backspace, reach for the ESC to exit the tag popup menu that I don’t need, just so I can enter for a new line without the trailing whitespace.

If opinions are divided, could there be a preference for this behaviour? It is really driving me nuts.


Well said @phy; it continues to annoy me to this day, in exactly the way you describe.

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This fix (I don’t really consider it a feature request) gets my vote as well.

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This still happens in the new editor. It drives me mental and I would really appreciate an option to disable (if this is a bug that is important to some people).