Automatic note content generation

As a user looking to automate administration, i would like to be able to have a special type of note for automatically generating content. For example, i would like to have a note that has a bulletin list with all the notes in a specific folder, and space for me to add a comment about each note. When a new note is created in the folder, a new bulletin should be added.

I imagine having two ways of creating these special auto-notes. The first and most comprehensive would be a scripting language and script-blocks in the note. These blocks each contain a script doing something. This language could be based on python as it is really easy for users to understand.

The second way of creating blocks in the auto-note would be pre-built components. These components would be written in this scripting language, but work out of the box. This would be for users who do not want to code. They should also be editable so that more advanced users can use them as a starting point.

To complement the pre-built blocks there should be a special forms package in the scripting language so that people can easily create forms to configure variables in the scripts. This would open up for community generations of pre-built components. This would help the obsidian team by removing the need for them to create tons of pre-built components. Instead people could subscribe to a component created and maintained by someone else in the community.


Would it not be a lot simpler to have a template note, in your example with a bulletin list? When you want to create a new bulletin list you right-click on the template and select Make a copy.


I think this is an interesting idea, but should be in #plugins


Templates are good for speeding up repetitive tasks that still require human input. I would like the obsidian-client to speed up repetitive tasks that do not require human input. For example: i want a note that contains links to all of my daily notes so that the graphing works well. Say that i also want this auto-note to add the first paragraph of text in my daily note beside the link.

Now i have a note that contains a easy overview of all of my daily notes and all the links have been created properly.

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I fully agree with you, and did not say anything against it.

There has been discussion of embeddable queries, somewhat like Roam. That would handle this use case.