Automatic new daily note whenever the day changes

What I’m trying to do

I’d love to have a daily-note opened automatically per day.

I have a daily note whenever the app is started (Daily Notes > Open daily note on startup). But, if the app is open for longer than a day, then there’s no new note created for the current day (since the app was opened before). So I have to restart the app, or manually creating the new entry.

Is there a way to have this behavior?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you on desktop or mobile?

If on desktop, you can just hit the icon in the left ribbon menu to open the daily note. Currently in my setup it’s the fourth icon from the top in the leftmost column (a little calendar icon).

If on mobile, at least on Android, there is a similar menu item reachable from the hamburger menu (in the lower right) to open the daily note.

Hi @holroy sorry for the delay, I just noticed your reply.
Thanks! I didn’t notice that button before. I mostly use the app on my desktop so it’s comfortable.

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