Automatic Linking

Hi, I recently discovered this amazing app, and I’d love to share some ideas. I thought the links were generated automatically in some way. Although it is better to make your own links and create your own vault, There are some ideas that could automatice the linking

  • Suggestion links, based in similar words
  • An option in “graph settings” to visualize the notes linked by a certain number of similar words in them
  • A list to select the links to include in a note.

Hope my ideas are useful,


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I love this idea, which will bring in the power of AI algorithms.

I would like to see this as well, but on a block level.
Adding to the idea: within the pane that is used for backlinks and outgoing links, a new option could be added for showing blocks similar to the one you are currently writing. That way you can quickly see what you’ve written on the subject and it becomes easy to connect to keep connecting your thoughts with what you’ve written before.