Automatic highlighting of TODO, ADD, REMOVE keywords

Sometimes I make the outline of a note but just don’t have the time to finish it. So I add the #unfinished tag to it and at the top of the file I add a list with things I still want to add to the note. Example:

  • ADD: a picture.
  • ADD: blabla.

But then it becomes a little hard to see at a glance where the note starts and what the list of things to add is. So my question is if it would be possible to create a plugin for it. A lot of code editors have this functionality. I can’t be the only one that would benefit from such a highlighter.

Maybe something very simple would suffice. Something like Emacs org-mode where you just set a delimited string with words that are then highlighted with a default color.


and perhaps gives the ability to customize the keywords.

vscode have a highlight plugin, looking forward to have a similar plugin in obsidian