Automatic focus the button "Export to PDF" in PDF export window

Use case or problem

In the current workflow, when exporting documents to PDF within the application, users have to manually navigate to the “Export to PDF” button and click on it using the mouse or keyboard. This process can be cumbersome, especially when users are dealing with multiple documents and repetitive exporting tasks. It interrupts the flow of work and requires additional effort from the user to initiate the export process.

Proposed solution

Implement automatic focus on the “Export to PDF” button within the “Export to PDF” window so that users can simply press the Enter key to trigger the export action. This enhancement would streamline the exporting process and improve overall efficiency for users, eliminating the need for manual navigation and mouse clicks.

By automatically focusing on the “Export to PDF” button upon opening the export window, users can swiftly initiate the export process without any additional steps. This small but impactful change would save users time and effort, enhancing their experience with the application.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, users can manually navigate to the “Export to PDF” button using the mouse or keyboard tabbing, then press the Enter key to trigger the export process. However, this method requires additional steps and interrupts the workflow.


Obsidian Better Export PDF supports triggering PDF export by pressing Enter, supports exporting multiple files merged into one, and single-command export is currently under development.

Hi, @l1xnan! Thanks for your answer and your suggestion of plugin.

But I would not want to install an extension for this.

I would like to just press “Enter” in the “Export to PDF” window to trigger the button “Export to PDF”.

+1 That has been bothering me for quite some time now.

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+1 Especially in an application that focuses on keyboard-only use.


I think that this feature is easy to implement in the code. The export button already has a different color (suggesting that it is focused).

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