Automatic fetch title from pasted external link

I want an easy way to insert an external link in markup format. When I insert a link from the clipboard, it is converted to a link with a header from the page: Obisidian fetches the title of that link.
You can see how it works in Bear app.


@kiriyo, meanwhile you could take a look at a browser-side option that copies URLs in the formats you want. This would also give you a little more flexibility to work with your notes outside Obsidian.

I already used the Template Chrome extension ( to copy links in Markdown format with the page title. For Obsidian, I added a template to capture selected text from a page and build a citation note with all the frontmatter that I usually want:

author: {author}
title: {title}
publisher: {base}
source_location: {url}
accessed: {dateTime}


This is also the function I want

This is now available via an extension: obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-auto-link-title

However, in my case, I’d probably need to look for a browser-side solution as I often copy links to course pages where I’m logged in and hence a simple fetching would not be able to retrieve that data as it’s locked.

That’s actually an option in some browsers - you might want to check the Settings page.

Here’s the Settings for Edge (which I don’t use, but I knew off the top of my head that it has this feature):

When you paste the link into Obsidian it formats it perfectly with the page title.

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Thank you, there is indeed an extension for Safari that does this: ‎Copy Link to Pasteboard on the Mac App Store

The instructions are unclear, so once you install and enable it, simply right click on the extension icon and choose “Markdown”.

Here’s yet another one: ‎URL Linker for Safari on the Mac App Store

It’s a pity they don’t seem to support keyboard extensions, but it’s still an improvement.

EDIT: copy url and title from Safari · GitHub this on the other hand points to a possible Apple Script workaround – if someone made it Safari-specific and triggered by a keyboard shortcut, that would be it

EDIT2: Browser-side (or system-wide) solution to copy links with website titles - #2 by eightning here @anon63144152 posted a neat Apple Shortcuts solutions

EDIT3: Here’s a Shortcuts solution we came up with on Reddit: – by far the best option out of the above

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