Automatic Creation of [[Notes]] using text from Headers

Use case or problem

While it is wise to not create notes automatically through backlinks, there are various cases where this is suboptimal behaviour.

For instance, while writing cross-referenced wikis. In these cases, users will have to copy-paste text to the new note manually; this gets cumbersome.

Proposed solution

It is not a good idea to automatically create notes for each backlink. However, when a backlink is referenced in a header, like
## [[Backlink]]

The content of the document from that point until the next header of the same level can be copied to a new note, and this note can be automatically created.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I can think of.

Related feature requests (optional)

Create this feature as a toggle, so that users who don’t want this behaviour can keep using Obsidian like they now do.

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