Automatic creation of named "icon" files

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What I’m trying to do

Every time I create a folder in the sidebar and insert a new note in it, a blank file named “icon” is automatically created in the folder.
When I click on this file, it opens in my computer’s default text editor.
When I read the information on this file (equivalent to looking at the properties on a PC), I just see that its full name is "icon?
What do these “icon” files correspond to?
How can I stop it creating them automatically?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Things I have tried

Have you tried these steps? This seems like it could be a plugin issue.

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Thanks for your repy.
I have just have tried it. Hasn’t solved.

Please open the command palette, run “Show debug info”, and paste the output here.

Opening the command pallet is Cmd+P ?
If yes, when I open it (I’m on a french version), I don’t see any command looking like showing debug info .
What do I have to do to have acces to this debug info ?

The translation file says it’s “Afficher les informations de débogages”.