Automatic backup between iCloud Drive and Google drive

Hi everyone! I’ve used Obsidian for four months to organize notes from classes and analysis on papers and books, and I really like it.
I have moved the Obsidian folder to iCloud Drive, so at anytime I can access my files from my ipad or iphone, and it’s all working good, because on Mac the iCloud Drive folder is like any folder on the physical memory of the computer. I was wondering if there is a way to automatically backup that folder to Google drive in real time or every 30 minutes, so i have a double copy in case something goes wrong.

You can do this exactly the same way as with iCloud - install synchronization app and add your vault to be synchronized separately

Are you looking to automate a backup from iCloud directory to GDrive? If so you have a host of options based on your level of comfort and budget.

I use a cron to fire a shell script that runs a rsync job I’ve configured.

There are apps that can do this for as well like ChronoSync if you have GDrive mounted.

Wouldn’t be surprised if you could do it Automator but haven’t tried since rsync is pretty bulletproof.