Automatic Aliases in Frontmatter

Reason Why

Additional friction when

  1. having to leave your current page, go to the linked page, and then add in manual frontmatter for aliases.
  2. typing an alias the second/etc time, not having it automatically link.

How it can be implemented

Basically the plugin can scan for [[page|aliasA]], [[page|aliasB]] in the database, and then automatically add:

aliases: [aliasA, aliasB]

or append if it already exists.

Related Links

This was upped as a feature request, and that it should be optional, which I agree and hence why it should be in a plugin - Automatically insert aliases into frontmatter from newly created aliases - #5 by I-d-as

Automatic update aliases metadata - requested before, but the reply was inaccurate as it is not operative.

Would be a big improvement if possible.


The main problem with it will be that sometimes when you are writing, you will enter a link but you would want a text with no connection to the file itself. eg. If I have to send you to, I can just write “visit here”, which isn’t really an alias per say.