Automated Link to Unlinked Mentions

First feature request. Please be gentle if I’m missing something here. I did check first if this was available. Hope I didn’t miss anything.

On my research workflow I import papers to a curated research library (obsidian vault). These papers have references to many other papers, some of which are already on my library. I would like to see them connect using the graph views

Currently, every time I load a batch of new documents I need to go through the existing docs and check if there are new Unlinked Mentions coming from the documents that were just loaded. It’s tedious and often leads to missed links that would be relevant for my research.

Please consider adding an option to automatically list all the pending Unlinked Mentions, with options to filter by date, folder, document, tags and search terms.

On top of that, add options to Select All / Link All, to have a batch Unlinked Mentions linking. Also consider adding a fully automated “Accept Unlinked Mentions” activated as soon as you load a new document. Maybe a plugin that you can activate at will.

Obviously, this will be more useful for well curated libraries - Scientific Papers for example, and not that interesting for web copy-paste-archive workflows.

Thanks in advance!

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