Automated Discogs Collection to Obsidian Vault

I’ve created an automated workflow to transform a Discogs user collection into an Obsidian vault with support for Dataview queries.


  1. Download the vault
  2. Extract the vault: tar xf /path/to/Obsidian-Custom-Discogs-1.0.1r3.tar.gz
  3. Set the Discogs username (DISCOGS_USER) and API token (DISCOGS_TOKEN) in $HOME/.config/mpprc
  4. Customize the vault by running ./Setup in the vault folder
  5. Open the vault in Obsidian via “Open another vault → Open folder as vault”

See GitHub - doctorfree/Obsidian-Custom-Discogs: Automated workflow to generate an Obsidian vault from a Discogs user collection for detailed documentation and getting started guide.

This looks excellent! Great idea.