Automated creation of a subfolder based on Notetitle

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What I’m trying to do

from Monday i will take responsibility for the special purpose apps of our county offices. The documentation is scattered among a lots of places, so i decided to build a second brain for documentation with obsidian.
We have round about 250 special purpose apps, so i like to automate the creation of the notes. Unfortunately i can not store all notes in the same folder. So i have designed this folder structure:

Names with capital letters are folders, MOCs are Map Of Content notes

the intended Workflow for a new Service should look like this:

  1. create a link with the Servicename in the Services (MOC)-Note
  2. create the new note with strg+click
  3. Use a templater-template for the new note:

<% tp.file.title %>


linked Applications:

  • [[APP1]]
  • [[APP2]]
    %% Here some statement that creates ab subfolder named with tp.file.title%%
    <% await tp.file.move(“tp.file.title/” + tp.file.title)%>

the last line move the new note into a subfolder, works only with folders that exists.
Therefore, i need to automaticly create the subfolder in the line with the comment

Do someone know an solution for that problem?

Oh, did i mention? i’m quite new to Obsidian.

Greetings, Oliver

Solved! used the backslash in the links.

[[<% tp.file.title %>\APP1]]

the tp.file.move is not longer necessary

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