Automate the formatting (Note as header) from Zotero to Obsidian


I am very new to this Zotero-Obsidian-Workflow-Integration. However, I think it can be very useful. I have no prior knowledge about coding whatsoever so, please, bear with me. I am a total noob in that regard.

I can already accomplish to import the marked text and the notes I added from a pdf in Zotero to Obsidian. It looks like this now:

However, I am wondering whether there is a way that it looks by default like this:

Now, I have to format everything manually which is quiet tedious. So, I would like to have that process automated.

What I am trying to accomplish is, that my note which is at the very end of every annotation now, will be automatically put as the header of a given annotation

Every help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

The addons I have installed are:

Note Refactor
Zotero Integration

Kind regards


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