Autofollowing by splitted Panes

Things I have tried

Read Help obsidian, Googled thread here, Googled plugin

What I’m trying to do

Now I can split my file into “editing mode” and “preview mode” panes.
But if I open another file in any of panes, then another pane will left with old file.
I want have smth like “Follow panes” button or feature like this which allows me force Obsidian follow which document I open in any of tab and then automatically open the same document in another pane.

In simple words I want mode when I will see the same file in 2 panes (editing mode and preview mode) and when I open another file then this file opens in both panes.

Try linking the panes like so:

  1. Open a note
  2. Command/Control click the preview/edit button to open it in 'Linked mode;

It should now behave how you want it to, and an ‘unlink pane’ icon will appear beside the edit/preview icon.


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Hmm, may be it was temporary bug, because I tried it few hours ago and it didnt work.

But now works, thank you🤍

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