Autofill properties based on folder

Use case or problem

I manually write the folder the file is in in the properties
Because I use graph view to give me anything related to this property.
It would be great to autofill property based on folder structure logic.

Specific use case

I use Obsidian for TTRPG world-building/playing. Therefore I get a lot of sub-locations or even sub-sub locations (sometimes I make sub-sub-sub-sub locations), and also other notes which live in that location without needing to backlink it.

When running a game I have a graph view (filtered for property [match] “location_X”),

Proposed solution

make a new property type for autofilling based on folder structure.
So that I can have a template with

location: folder.above

Ideally, I would like to have not just the folder the note is in, but the logic to autofill multiple

Current workaround (optional)

  1. I fill in properties manually for the folder (or folders) it´s in
  2. I use multiple filters in the graph view
    Example filter [“Location”:Bazzoxan] OR path:2-World/Exandria/Gazetter/Wildemount/Xhorhas/Bazzoxan

The issue with solution 1. is tedious, but with solution 2 its a little overcomplicated.

In general, I think logical statement for properties would be useful for many usecases.

Related feature requests (optional)

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