AutoCorrect in Obsidian

Is there anything like AutoCorrect (in Word) in Obsidian? I have tried finding it but I have yet to find a similar one. I’m struggling with typing words like protégé because it takes quite an effort to do this manually. I really hope they have this feature or plug-in.


It’s not built in to Obsidian.

What OS? Because for example, word replacement and easy diacritic typing is built in to MacOS and iOS/iPadOS. Are you in Windows?

Depending on your OS, there may be apps you can install to do that. (Either word replacement, or easier typing of diacritics. Or auto spelling correction.)

There is a community plugin called “Completr”. I’ve never tested it, so I don’t know if it can do that, but it sounds like it might. It sounds like it’s more for auto-completion.

I’m in Windows tho, and yes, Completr is auto completion for Latex. So what should I do?

I’ve used “obsidian-completr” and it supports custom dictionaries, vault/note scanning, etc. It support more than just Latex. The README has all the details.

GitHub - tth05/obsidian-completr Auto-completion plugin for the obsidian editor.

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I didn’t know that. Thank you ver much!

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