Autocompleting links and tags shortcut

What I’m trying to do

When I type a link or tags, how do I autocomplete it so I can continue adding something to the link without having to reclick it? E.g. I have a tag called #law/privacylaw/GDPR. If I want to create the tag #law/privacylaw/GDPR/enforcement, I have to select the previous tag (clicking it or pressing Enter), then reclick the tag, put the mouse at the end of the tag and then add /enforcement. This seems quite cumbersome and I am sure I am missing something, but in most other programs (not note-taking per se), I can press something like the right arrowkey to finish the tag and then have the typebar at the end of the tag I selected so I can just continue typing. The same goes for links if I want to link to a heading but do not want to manually type the whole note name.

Things I have tried

I looked in the docs, Google and forum but haven’t found anything yet. I am not a native speaker so I am not sure if I am missing the right term for what I mean: completing the sentence with tags and links.

Give this a try. No clicking or mouse involved.


Type # β†’ use down/up arrows to select the tag β†’ press Enter β†’ left arrow or backspace to enter the tag β†’ add anything new


Type [[ β†’ use down/up arrows to select the link β†’ press Tab β†’ your cursor is at the end.

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Thanks man (or woman), I really appreciate the time you took to visualise it, too! These are great suggestions, but especially the second one - for the links - is a lifesaver. It is such a minor thing but I was getting quite annoyed with my previous proces. Using your Tab suggestion is so much better.

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No problem! It’s a little tricky to at first to get the proper sequence down, but once you do it a few times, you won’t think about it.

Another good one:

Linking to headings or blocks

Type [[ β†’ start typing β†’ use down/up arrows to select the note β†’ type # to link a heading OR type ^ to link a block β†’ use down/up arrows to select the heading/block β†’ now here you can press Tab if you want to add more or the display text (like above) OR Enter if you’re done.

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