Autocompleting aliases using @ / using @ instead of [[]]

Things I have tried

I’ve searched around but it’s a bit difficult due to the @ symbol - if there’s something out there, please let me know!

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to be able to use @ as shorthand for aliases, like

- [ ] #share news with @julia
- [x] buy #gift for @tom

While I could just use [[julia]] and [[tom], it’s valuable to me to be able to scan notes/tasks for the @ sign. This provides context that the target of the link is a person.

I’d love to have these treated in the same way as [[]] links, but autocomplete seems like it may be more easily achieved. Is this something that an existing plugin supports?

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I would also like this function. It might be useful to observe that Dynalist has this function. It might be easily transferable (I know less than nothing about these things)? It might be useful in integrating Dynalist with Obsidian (along with markdown export in Dynalist).

Long discussion here:

There may be other relevant threads

Ahh, thanks - and I even upvoted it ages ago (memory fades, that’s why I need a PIM/PKM I suppose!)

Thanks, @Dor! I’ll chime in over there.

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