Autocompleted links are incorrect when using "standard" markdown links

In 0.8.5 you added the ability to autocomplete to default markdown links instead of wiki links. (“Use markdown Links” option in the settings)

The links that are created when using this option work fine for notes that are in the same folder.
But are incorrect (not relative) if the link target is not in the same folder.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a vault with the following structure:

  |- note1
  |- note2
  1. Trigger the autocompletion in “note1” by typing [[
  2. Select “note2” as link target

Actual: The created link is[folder2/note2](

Expected: The created link is relative to the target [note2](../folder2/

Are you using relative links? Your actual result suggests that you aren’t using that, which means the system is still auto-completing “shortest unique” paths.

My bad I had it set to “shortest unique” in my vault. Still I think this should be addressed somehow, because the link generated with “shortest unique” makes no sense with standard markdown links.
If I have the “Use Markdown Links” options selected I expect that correct (standard) markdown links are generated regardless of the Link format setting.

At the very least it should be mentioned somewhere that you should set the link format to “relative” if you use “markdown links”.

Yeah, we’re discussing the possibility of overriding the link behavior to always generate relative links instead.