Autocomplete title suggestions when creating a new note

Ok, edited the FR title for clarity

Since this request partially deals with avoiding notes with duplicate names, I wanted to link this feature request: Warning: Note with same name exists in another folder


.theme-light, .theme-dark { 
	--link-unresolved-color: var(--color-yellow); 
	--link-unresolved-opacity: 0.7; 
	--link-unresolved-filter: none; 
	--link-unresolved-decoration-style: dotted; 
	--link-unresolved-decoration-color: var(--color-yellow); 

@Allcry Glad the CSS worked out.

I edited your post and put it in a code block for you. Hope that’s fine.

For next time, have a look at the Forum use and formatting tips for posting code in the forum. For CSS, you can surround the code on a line above and below with ``` to make it

look like this


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