Autocomplete tag properties as quoted hashtags

Use case or problem

Normally, the autocomplete of tags in obsidian will add this to the yaml tags section:


  • tag1
  • tag2

Proposed solution

I believe it should be


  • #tag1
  • “tag2”

by making this change, it wouldn’t impact the normal obsidian (afaik), but with plugins such as dataview, it could display tags as actual clickable tags instead of lists (see images)



Current workaround

I went into source mode and changed the formatting of the tags myself to achieve this. It won’t break anything.

Renamed thread to describe the request. (Was “Formatting of tags in metadata section”.)

If you type the # in the field you’ll get the result you want.

thank you, it worked. Could there be an indication weather the tag is a quoted hashtag or not? And could there be a button in the edit menu to change all tags from all documents from one format to another?

You can see the format in Source Mode. I wouldn’t expect the developers to add that button, because the properties editor is meant to abstract away concerns like that. The Tag Wrangler plugin might have an option to convert tag property format (tho I suspect it doesn’t).

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