Autocomplete popup toggle

Obviously this is an unimportant feature with an even more trivial use case, but I imagine to some, it may be worth it…

It would be nice to be able to toggle the suggestion pop ups for links and tags.

Before realizing that I can just temporarily edit my note in a different editor, I was going to suggest this feature for when the pop ups get in the way or slow you down.

For example, in a large vault, when I am running my poorly built macro scripts, they must contend with the popups, sometimes causing all hell to break loose. Ha.

After further considering it, I figured why not suggest it anyways, just in case others see additional benefits that would warrant its implementation. Honestly, I love staying in Obsidian, and sometimes this is the only thing holding me back from staying put.

Thank you very much. Loving the updates.

Hmm. Do you mean the autocomplete suggestions? I think you can tell them to go away with esc. Does that help?

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I think you can tell them to go away with esc

Note what OP said about running macros, and the popups interfering with that automation. This request is about turning off the popup feature, not dismissing it when it pops up.

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For sure, though you could make the macro hit esc for you, depending on the software!

Thanks for response

This is actually what I have been doing, but it can sometimes, albeit less often, still interfere even when you make the macro hit escape a few times sleeping in between hits.

Also, sometimes it would also be nice to just turn them off to allow for quicker typing and freedom from suggestions when you know you do not want them.

When I have a script that has potential to create chaos, I play it safe and just copy into and out of notepad. Not sure if there is a better option that does not have autocomplete. Thanks.

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