Autocomplete for Quick Switcher

Use case or problem

I heavily use the quick switcher to create notes in folders and subfolders. To do this I type the entire path of the note I want to create and use Shift-Enter or Shift-Ctrl-Enter

Proposed solution

Since there are already suggestions for notes, make pressing Tab complete to the folder of the selected note.


Suppose I have a folder “software” with a note “obsidian” in it. Now I want to create a note “software/linux”.

  1. Ctrl-O to open quick switcher
  2. type: soft
  3. it shows and selects software/obsidian
  4. press Tab
  5. the typed soft completes to software/
  6. it still shows and selects software/obsidian since it still matches
  7. type linux and press Shift-Enter (Enter would also do, if nothing matches)

This could also make it possible to filter while opening new files.

Current workaround (optional)

Type the entire path (correctly). If I mistype I get a new folder (which is a wanted feature in case I need a new directory)


Would also love this implemented

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I too would absolutely love this functionality. Does anyone know of any plugins that could help? I often accidentally create new directories because of path typos.

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