Autocomplete for Links & Images Using Standard Markdown Notation

When using double-bracket notation - i.e., “[[...]]” - Obsidian is extremely helpful: it provides a list of matching notes/files, allows us to link to in-page headers, and even allows us to type link text directly.

When using standard markdown notation for links and images, no autocomplete help is provided at all.

It would be nice if Obsidian would allow the insertion of links/images, with its wonderful autocompletion help, but inserting the link using standard markdown syntax, rather than the double-bracket.

This could perhaps be implemented as a “use double-bracket notation for images and links instead of standard markdown” preference: if the user has it checked, double-brackets are used, otherwise Obsidian would insert the markup using the standard syntax. This means that the end user would actually use the same keyboard shortcuts and type the same sequence - but Obsidian would output the markup according to the user’s preferences.


I strongly support this request. I really love the idea of Obsidian. But breaking a standard, well, sucks. The Obsidian shorthand for linking images aside and the smart recognition of asset-folders is fine, but won’t work in any other markdown-editor.
![[image.jpg]] : hell no, broken.
![Image](image.jpg) : no image, if a special attachment folder is specified
![Image](/attachment/image.jpg) : THIS works. It’s standard. But Obsidian won’t help writing it.


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Typing “[Display -> (” already matches brackets and provides this where _ indicates the cursor position [Display](_).
I’d love to have auto-complete to happen here as it does here: [[_]].
This would be especially helpful for links in tables because the | is interpreted as a table cell boundary.

this was implemented a long time ago.

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