Autocomplete Covers Text on iOS

Things I have tried

  • changing the system zoom

What I’m trying to do

When I type a backlink I often get stuck in autocomplete because there are words in my input (like I want to add a new link for queens but I previously had one for queensland) and it takes up the full screen (such as shown below). I can’t tap out of it or move my cursor. Sometimes I get stuck even if it is new, like the name of a person I recently met so I click [] on the tool bar, type their name, and then I type something wrong. Is there a faster way to both escape and adjust the autocomplete height (I sometimes have this issue on desktop too, I understand it could happen with custom CSS but I’m not sure if that’s always the case.)

Image shows the autocomplete panel covering where the text cursor is.

I’ll also note that my phone is an iOS 12 mini and I have my phone zoomed in with pretty big font and stuff usually for accessibility purposes. This is already slightly more zoomed out than I usually would have it.

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