Auto-updater for the binary (i.e. installer)

Continuing the discussion from Frequency of "up-to-date" checks is insane:

Starting a feature request from the post above because it is in the graveyard:

The two-layer update system exposed in this post was surprising to me too. It might be worth considering a truly full update system in a not so distant future.

I’m assuming “installer” is the binary and what currently gets auto updated are only the javascript and related “web” files, if that is correct the lack of automatic updates for the binary could easily cause more than just a repeat every 10-minute check like security issue for example. I’m not saying the binary needs to be updated on every version, but there should be some server control that can trigger binary updates when it detects binaries older than X.

As a proud annoying Mac user, this framework is the gold standard for updates:

As pointed by @argentum there might be tricky to find a way to update all platforms, but it might be worth doing where it is possible. Point being: to not hold back just for the sake of being equal everywhere.