Auto-update internal links with unique formatting

Hey, folks! I’m trying to work out a way to use obsidian in my workflow. It fits mostly perfect for all my needs. Though I have this difficulty described below which cancels this perfection. I might be doing or thinking about it wrong, of course… please, advise!

What I’m trying to do

I know of Obsidian tracking filename changes (when working from within Obsidian itself) and updating the corresponding links in all of the notes. This works very well with common wiki-style [[ and ]] tags as well as with markdown styled links [Title](folder/

Is there a way to make these auto-updates work within differently formatted links?
Example of link formatting prefered: {{% “folder/” %}}

Things I have tried

Looking for answers on the Internet and on the forum is not relevant as I’m not sure how to call the opening and closing link tags (should I call them brackets?). The results mostly relate to “tags” to be added to the note, and not tags in the markup sense.

Obsidian tries not to deviate far from the CommonMark spec, but it does have a few additions of its own including [[wikilinks]]. Your example, {{% “folder/” %}}, is not going to be recognized as a link by the parser/editor.

You could write a feature request, but it’s highly doubtful a format like that will be added to core Obsidian.

Have you searched the plugin gallery? GitHub - Fevol/obsidian-criticmarkup: Obsidian plugin for annotating notes with suggestions and comments using CriticMarkup is pretty interesting, but that’s not for links, just annotation. Perhaps a post in the Plugin ideas category, and a dev can weigh in and let you know if it’s even possible?

Thank you for the reply.

My thinking was that [[ ]] style tags could easily be substituted with {{% %}} without much rework of the parser needed as the only difference is in the presentation. All the logic stays same.

I’ll try to look into the plugin ocean for a possible solution, the one you suggest seems very interesting.

For the time being I found a workaround of sorts. But I will appreciate if anyone could point me to the plugin able to do the substitution in question!

Why do you want that curly brace style for links instead of wikilinks with square brackets? Are you using the files in another editor/context as well?

Another idea related to your issue is something I did when using Epsilon notes, and that was to have a regex replace run on the files before its parser looked at the files. I’ve been thinking whether the same could be an option, and whether a plugin already is made for that, or whether it’s even possible for the plugins to access the files before the various markdown engine gets a hold of the files.

Another way to put that last one, would be whether it’s possible for a plugin to do pre-processing of the files before they’re parsed by the markdown engine and other plugins?

Yes, I’m using the files with other software to display them the way I want. Such software is using the curly bracket notation to distinguish control sequences from just text.

The pre-parsing is indeed an option and a good idea. Thank you! But in my humble academic circumstances such effort does not currently look as suitable to approach from ground up. It’s not laziness rather pre-investigation for already established opportunities.

@holroy your last question is exactly what I’m trying to find out! As I need to make the source files stay with curly brackets (and possibly other similar non-common tags), but still be able to use the link tracking mechanism of Obsidian.

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