Auto-transcribe attached audio

Use case or problem

I want to be able to create a note, record audio of me talking, and then have it auto-transcribe into markdown text that I can edit from there.

Proposed solution

If you insert an audio file, it transcribes it


For now, you could check out Otter, which would do all you need except for create a note in your vault.

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I simply use my Android phone for that … talk directly into Markor (a Markdown editor for Android). The files get auto-synced into my +Inbox folder and I can work from there on with Obsidian on my laptop or desktop.


You can try this speech to text converter and then convert your text with any md converter. This software has an in-built editor and supports many audio formats. Hope it helps.

Hey there! I use Maestra, an automatic speech to text platform.

There are several pretty good tools out there. I’ve had pretty good luck w/ hyperia for transcribing notes. its pretty cool – labels speakers if several ppl are talking and captures + OCRs screen data. otter is also pretty good if you just need regular transcription (no screen stuff). i know the mozilla project is also working on some open source speech stuff, which is great

If I need to transcribe audio files to text I usually use professional transcription services by Professional Transcription - Audext. It also has many helpful features.

The problem I have with these often is

  • they transcribe only your own audio recordings, and only once you put them in a note.
  • they deliver a full transcription (more than I mostly need, it clutters my notes with unnecessary text).

I want to transcribe on-the-go when listening to podcasts/clips, and then only what interests me (the last x seconds).

On Android you can use Momento for Podcast clip-to-text transcriptions.

It will transcribe the last 20 seconds right away by pressing a button. The transcription can then be shared with the Obsidian app to create a note from it.
As a Podcast player it’s a bit restricted I find, but it has a Spotify interface. Also one for


I can recommend you a really good service called

Or talk directly into the Obsidian app via text to speech from the keyboard…