Auto-tagging newly-created links in real time / "pushing" content without leaving the page

Hello, when creating a new page link:

Let's say I'm typing a new page link written by [[einstein]]

Sometimes I just want to tag [[einstein]] with a #person tag inside of it immediately, instead of having to click on it and add a manual tag. Would like to do something like:

Let's say I'm typing a new page link written by [[einstein]]#person and this automatically populates the [[einstein]] page by setting a #person tag inside of it.

It then deletes the #person tag after processing on this line above, showing us that it has been processed.

This could also work to send entire blocks to different pages. For example, if you didn’t want to leave the page itself, you could do something like:

Let's go back to the example of [[einstein]][he's the famous scientist who came up with the general and special theory of relativity.] and this gets pushed automatically to inside the [[einstein]] page.
Now wouldnt that be cool?

And for further ideas along the way, like integration with other plugins like:

  • Templater/QuickAdd - to create a template automatically via tag
  • Obsidian Web Hooks - to push content to another application like Gcal
  • Breadcrumbs - to automatically insert metadata for parent:: [[this page]] etc

But of course the primary feature request being that ability to push and teleport text after [[page links]] immediately after.