Auto Suggest / Auto Fill Curvy Brackets with phrases from single and double brackets, to then be reverted back to normal words without the curvy brackets

Are you ever typing, and realize you want to include a phrase that is already a note in your vault without linking to it? And then have to type it out manually like a dork using a 1990’s word processor? Or perhaps you are hyperlinking the same phrase (title of a podcast, etc) on a new note, and are once again typing it all out as if the brilliance of automatic auto suggestions were not available to you.

A plugin that autosuggested phrases from double and single brackets when curly brackets were used, to then auto-erase the curly brackets after the phrase has been completed, would help with this and be pretty cool.

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Consider filing this as a feature request on this plugin: GitHub - tadashi-aikawa/obsidian-various-complements-plugin: This plugin for Obsidian enables you to complements input in markdown files. 🦉