Auto Select/Remove all but one duplicate links and links to self

When building composite notes, it would be nice to have an analyzer plugin that could select all but one duplicate links within a note. It could also select all links to self.

This plugin may be able to run in batch mode perhaps with an option to automatically remove these duplicate and self links with the click of a button within all notes or the results of a search.


I would also be interested in a plugin analyzing duplicates for a different purpose.

Some context :

I work with map of contents which are links related to different index. For example I could have one index called “:world_map: MOTIVATION” and another “:world_map: PERFORMANCE”. I will then create notes. Some will have a link to “:world_map: MOTIVATION”, some to “:world_map: PERFORMANCE” and maybe some to both topics.

Then, when I will want to have a clear global picture of one topic (e.g motivation), I’ll go on “:world_map: MOTIVATION” and add all the backlinks to the index. Then I order them according to my own logic. If it make sens I could even put the same link under several subtitle of the same index.

But sometimes it happens to get lost, and not to be sure I’ve added everything to my index. So I use a plugin to generate the whole list of link pointing on the index. Here I would like to know what link is NOT a duplicate. So for example if duplicates are highligted , I would know that a link not highlited is not a duplicated.

=> 1/ It would be great that the duplicate analyser have an option to highlight the duplicates.

Now, I’m doing it on word using VBA Code : How to find and highlight duplicate paragraphs in Word document?
What is interesting is that the first duplicate is highlited in green, the second in yellow

=> 2/ It would be great that the plugin allow to highlight the first duplicate in one color, the second in another, the third in another. It would be for example useful when working on index using several duplicates of the same link on purpose.

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