Auto-scroll to a file after finding a file

Things I have tried

  • Searched for an option in settings
  • Searched for ‘scroll’ in plugins list (community)

What I’m trying to do

After searching for a file with Ctrl-O and finding a given file, my left-hand menu stays at whatever it was scrolled to before. Is there an option in Obsidian by default or via plugin to autoscroll to the file in File Browser as it’s done e.g. in VS Code?

Hi @gczarnocki

There is a plugin called “Automatically Reveal Active File”. The plugin will change the file highlight in the file explorer to whatever file you are editing.

  1. Search for the file you want
  2. Click on that file to open it in the right side
  3. Click the file explorer icon next to the search icon and the left side will be expand to and highlighted to that file you just selected.

As a bonus it will also switch the highlight if you have multiple files open and switch between them.