Auto referencing for text block after drag-and-drop

Hi, for referencing blocks, it would be very useful to add automatically the block reference when we drag and drop the text from one note to another.

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+1 for this feature request.

When there is a relatively large number of notes, and I try to organize and make an outline of the new article or new idea, it will be very convenient, if drag-drop-to-create-block-reference were supported.

The work-flow I used is that: search for the content within the Obsidian, then put the relevant contents into the outline, and then update and re-organize the outline.

Currently, I copy-paste the text directly, because it is faster than creating block reference, I don’t want extra operation to break my thought. But the drawback is the source of the text (location within Obsidian notes) in the outline is lost. When I needs to review the outline a few days later, I may have to redo the search again to locate the source of the text I pasted in the outline, in case I needs more context from the original notes.

If the drag-drop can create block reference, that’s will be something very productive.

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