Auto Pairing Brackets - How to continue?

Brand new to Obsidian - loving it so far - so much info/sharing in the online community!

Simple question - when brackets are auto-paired, what is the key that completes it? If I hit enter, it goes to the next line, if I hit tab, it indents. Down-arrow works and it is cumbersome - is that changeable and/or is there a different key combination that works?



If you’re asking how to move the cursor out of the brackets when you’ve finished typing their contents, I use right arrow.


Thanks! Yes, that’s way more succinct way to put it.

Do you know if that’s something that can be changed (the key binding?) - seems really unintuitive/slow when doing lots of typing.

I don’t think there is a command to bind a hotkey to — you’re just moving the cursor the same way you would anywhere else in the text.

You could turn off bracket auto-pairing to see if it’s less annoying to just type the closing brackets yourself. That’s what I normally do, for that reason (in Obsidian I’ve left it on so I can delete brackets more easily when I accidentally make a link).

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It’s way easier than all of this - found it by accident. Simply hit “enter”.

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In the original post you said that Enter moved the cursor to the next line. Does that not happen now? (Anyway, I’m glad you found the answer!)

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