Auto Pair Markdown syntax in Latex Block

Under certain circumstances auto pair Markdown syntax functions inappropriately inside latex blocks. I can verify it happens under the specific case of using ‘\vec{}’, but it may happen under other circumstances.

Steps to reproduce

Type: $\vec{v}_

Expected result

Auto pair Markdown syntax does not work inside a latex block.

Actual result

Auto pair Markdown syntax adds a second underscore.


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.7

Additional information

I first noticed this problem in 0.9.6 and it may not have existed in 0.7.x, since I’ve been using latex for vectors quite a bit with previous versions and only noticed the bug after skipping several versions.

The problem also occurs if you are completely inside a $ $ pair (as opposed to typing straight through) or if you use $$.

Just wanted to add, sometimes Obsidian seems ‘confused’ about whether it is in a latex block or not (highlights things as if it isn’t), but I don’t have any useful information about why/when this occurs right now, though it may be related.

open a feature request