Auto pair Markdown problem in v0.13.14


It’s difficult sometimes to express my self, so first of all sorry for any inconvenience.

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.3, with Obsidian v.0.13.14, I don’t know if this is the right behavior or if it’s a bug.

I have “Auto pair Markdown” enabled.

When I press Ctrl + i to start to write something Italic, after I write if I press “*” to jump out the italic syntax it just add another “*” to the end of the text.


If I write manually “*” at the beggining, “Auto pair markdown” will create another “*”.

So I will write something and I will press “*” again, that Will make I jump out the italic “box”


2021-12-23 14-22-56

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we don’t support this. Please, open a feature request.