Auto-load Note on Startup

Use case or problem

I have a note that I would like automatically loaded into view every time Obsidian launches.
This would replace any other note that was remembered the last time app was closed.
I would like this on both desktops and mobile.

I am not comfortable with using community apps (there is a plugin for this feature), so this would be a much needed feature for me.

Proposed solution

Simply add an option to the settings that you can specify what file you want loaded at startup.

Current workaround (optional)

No work around, must manually go to my file and open it.

Related feature requests (optional)


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This is a good request. But you said no workaround, and I can think of two, if this helps you in the meantime:

  1. If you don’t use Daily Notes, and you want a weird hacky workaround for the time being, this could work:

You can set your daily note template to the name of a note, instead of a proper template. And then turn on “Open daily note on startup”, and it will always jump to that note.

But you can’t enter letters directly in the template.

So if you want to go to the note “My Default Note”, you would need to use backslashes. It would look like this with a backslash before each character:

\M\y\ \D\e\f\a\u\l\t\ \N\o\t\e

  1. You can launch Obsidian with an Obsidian URL. (How you do this depends on your OS.)


I know how to get the Obsidian URI… but how to I use it launch that uri on startup?

@Fwhilton As has been said before:

Thus, if you expect further help, give us some more information. Or search the web how to establish custom launchers for your OS.

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Windows 10 and iPad 15